• 1

    What is NEFT?

  • 2

    How long does it take for payments to get updated in the system?

  • 3

    What is the processing or service charges for NEFT transactions?

  • 4

    What is unique transaction number (UTN)?

  • 5

    What is the process for making payment through NEFT?

  • 6

    What is the way to track a transaction made through NEFT?

  • 7

    If payment is not made successfully how will the debited amount get reverted to stakeholder’s account?

  • 8

    Is there any limit on the amount that could be transferred using NEFT?

  • 9

    Is this option available for all kind of payment related to MCA Services?

  • 10

    Do we require to make payment to any separate account for paying through NEFT Mode?

  • 11

    What shall be the validity of challan for payments done through NEFT?

  • 12

    What if the required fund is not transferred with the time limit?

  • 13

    Whether funds can be transferred to MCA accounts using NEFT on any time any day?

  • 14

    Whether I can break the complete amount of a SRN into two parts and transfer the funds using NEFT twice.

  • 15

    What should be done in case I have misplaced the Unique transaction number (UTN)?

  • 16

    After making the payment through NEFT Mode will we have to visit bank or make any follow up for informing about such transactions?

  • 17

    Which banks would come under NEFT Mode?

  • 18

    I have some problem/query related to payment on MCA21 Portal under NEFT, to whom should it be escalated?

  • 19

    Can excess amount transferred to MCA designated Account be adjusted against subsequent two or more SRN’s?

  • 20

    How many transactions can be made per day?

  • 21

    Within how many days UTN should be linked with SRN?