FAQs on System Requirements

  • 1

    What are the system settings required to access the MCA21 application?

  • 2

    The size of my e-form increases when I attach my DSC. What should I do to optimize the file size?

  • 3

    What are the hardware and software requirements for efiling at mca.gov.in?

  • 4

    How to download the required software?

  • 5

    Can I attach documents with formats other than PDF?

  • 6

    What if I have scanned attachments in a format other than PDF (for example, Word, Jpeg or Tiff format)?

  • 7

    How do I enable pop-ups from MCA 21 Portal?

  • 8

    When I am opening a public document from My Dashboard, I face the following error – “Parts of this PDF could not be displayed”. What should I do to view the public document?

  • 9

    I am unable to navigate and select my Digital Certificate during login. How can I resolve the issue?