DIN Services

  • 1

    What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

  • 2

    Who can file an application for allotment of DIN ?

  • 3

    Who will allot the DIN ?

  • 4

    What is the procedure of obtaining DIN?

  • 5

    Who can sign e-Form DIR-6?

  • 6

    What things should be taken care of while filling form DIR-3?

  • 7

    Whether any fee is payable along with application for allotment of DIN?

  • 8

    How to enquire about the status of the payment made for Form DIR-3?

  • 9

    What are the scanned documents required to be attached with eform DIR-3?

  • 10

    What things should be taken care of with regard to supporting documents?

  • 11

    What are the additional information/ documents required in case of a foreign national?

  • 12

    What are the grounds for rejection of DIN application?

  • 13

    My DIN application has been rejected. Am I required to apply for a fresh DIN?

  • 14

    My DIN application has been put under Resubmission. Am I required to obtain a fresh DIN?

  • 15

    What procedure has to be followed, if there is any change in particulars of Director?

  • 16

    What are the penal provisions for non-compliance of provisions of the Act and rules?

  • 17

    Whether provisional DIN can be used for e-Filing?

  • 18

    Whether Single Name in applicant’s name or applicant’s father’s name is allowed?

  • 19

    I am a Director of the company and applying for my DIN. Can I sign the eform DIR-3?

  • 20

    My DIN application has been identified as a Potential Duplicate. What does it mean?

  • 21

    Whether Income tax PAN is mandatory while applying for DIN?

  • 22

    What will happen if the details entered in DIN application are not as per the Income tax PAN database?

  • 23

    Is Income tax PAN also mandatory while applying for correction in particulars of Director in Form DIR-6?