Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)

Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) is for promotion of investors’ awareness and protection of the interests of investors. This website is an information providing platform to promote awareness, and it does not offer any investment advice or evaluation.

For Investors :

  • Search Unclaimed/Unpaid Amounts

For Corporates :

  • Upload Investor Details

    Once the Investor details file(s) has been uploaded, user is required to confirm the upload of the same on the IEPF portal within 15 days of upload of the eForm 5-INV.

    To confirm the upload of the investor-wise details, following steps are to be followed:

    1. 1. Click on “Confirm Upload of unclaimed and unpaid amount details”.

      2. Enter the CIN and SRN details and clicks on “Confirm” button.

      3. On successful confirmation, the details shall be processed and thereafter the Form 5- INV shall be marked as ‘Approved’.

      4. In case uploaded excel files are not confirmed within the aforesaid time period, then the same will be automatically confirmed by the system.

    Please note that the filing of Form 5-INV shall be treated as complete only after the excel file(s) are uploaded and confirmed.

  • Confirm Uploaded Files

    After the Form 5- INV is filled and uploaded on the IEPF portal, you are required to provide the investor wise details of unclaimed and unpaid amount.

    Following are the steps which need to be followed to upload the investor wise details of unclaimed and unpaid amounts:

    1. 1. Install the Pre-requisite Software's to proceed. To know and install the same click on 'Prerequisite Software' link.

      2. Download the Excel toolkit.

      3. Download the excel template from the IEPF portal in the zip format.

      4. Unzip the zip file and save the template in xls (97-2003) and .xlsm(2007) format only.

      5. Fill the required details in the excel file.