Annual Reports

Annual Reports on Working & Administration of companies Act 1956. are made available and the same can be viewed by selecting report for respective year and language version from below drop down buttons.

Annual Reports on Working & Administration of Companies Act, 1956

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This Report is prepared in pursuance of Section 638 of the Companies Act, 1956. It, inter alia, contains information about corporate management, investor protection activities and disposal of statutory business. The Report also gives statistical insights, inter alia, into aspects such as corporate sector growth, registration of new companies, authorized and paid up capital, companies at work, etc.

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Annual Report

The Report gives a synoptic view of the organizational structure, functions and activities of the Ministry undertaken during the previous financial year and the first three quarters of the current financial year. The activities, inter alia, relate to the implementation of the various Acts administered by the Ministry and its attached/subordinate offices. The Report also mentions the special initiatives taken during the year towards the improved environment for corporate governance.

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