Financial Statements : FY 2011-12 and Onwards

Taxonomy Guide & related Training material

Taxonomy Guide is a reference material pertaining to technical aspects of MCA Taxonomies, and it has been developed for XBRL software developers and advanced users to develop their XBRL tools for successful MCA filings. The Taxonomy Guide explains data modeling of the taxonomy and its underlying concepts with illustration so as to familiarize software developers and users with flow and concepts used in the taxonomy. It is not intended to educate the users on the basics of XBRL. The Taxonomy Guide includes technical details and illustrations on data modelling through ‘Explicit and typed’ dimensions, Structure of the Taxonomy including Taxonomy Physical Design & Folder Structure, DTS discovery, Namespaces, Linkbases (Presentation, Calculation, Definition, Label, Reference) and use of ‘Total, net and negated label’ and concepts of ‘notall’, etc.