Financial Statements : FY 2010-11


This General Purpose Financial Statement taxonomy for MCA XBRL filings of financial statements by companies for financial year ending on or after 31.03.2011 has been developed by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The taxonomy includes IN-GAAP (Indian- Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) as well as MCA required IN-CA (Indian-Corporate Affairs) elements. IN-GAAP elements are those accounting/financial concepts that are as per provisions of Schedule VI, Accounting Standards, Common Practice elements, the Companies Act, 1956, etc. IN-CA elements are primarily regulatory disclosures to be provided by companies along with financial statements for effective regulation and information to various stakeholders. Auditor’s Report, Director’s Report, Related Party details, Subsidiary Details, Cost Record elements, etc are few IN-CA elements included in the taxonomy.