Schedule VII

(See sections 135)

Activities which may be included by companies in their Corporate Social

Responsibility Policies

Activities relating to:

(i) eradicating extreme hunger and poverty;

(ii) promotion of education;

(iii) promoting gender equality and empowering women;

(iv) reducing child mortlity and improving maternal health;

(v) combating human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency

syndrome, malaria and other diseases;

(vi) ensuring environmental sustainability;

(vii) employment enhancing vocational skills;

(viii) social business projects;

(ix) contribution to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund or any other

fund set up by the Central Government or the State Governments for

socio-economic development and relief and funds for the welfare of the Scheduled

Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, other backward classes, minorities and women; and

(x) such other matters as may be prescribed.