This facility scrutinizes the eForm and display the error, if present in submitted eForm. You are required to be logged in to MCA portal for availing this service.

Steps for eForm Prescrutiny

  1. Login to the MCA portal

  2. Click on the Prescrutiny link under the Services tab. Alternatively, you can also click on eForm Upload button under eForms tab, for offline filing of eForm. The Offline eForm filing screen appears. Click on the PreSrutiny button on this screen.

  3. A new window will appear. Click on the Select file(s) button, to browse the local system, and select an eForm for scrutiny. A progress bar shows the extent of uploading process.

  4. The eForm will be uploaded and pre-scrutiny result will be displayed on the screen. In case there is any error a pop-up with error description is displayed.

  5. Make necessary changes in the eForm to rectify the errors.