You can access the following reports from




· Company Master Data & Index of Charges – This facility has been made available to the general public to view master details of any company/LLP registered with Registrar of Companies. This facility may be availed by using the View Company Master Data menu under the MCA Services tab.


· NBFC – This statistical report list the NBFC companies registered so far, as per MCA records.


· Chit Fund Companies – This statistical report lists the chit fund companies registered so far, as per MCA records.


· Plantation Companies – This statistical report lists the plantation companies registered so far, as per MCA records.


· Companies incorporated for charitable purposes – This statistical report lists the companies incorporated for Charitable Purposes.


· List of Disqualified Directors – This statistical report lists the disqualified Directors under section 274(1)(G) of Companies Act 1956, as per MCA records.


· Monthly Information Bulletin – This statistical report displays Monthly Information Bulletin on Corporate Sector released by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This bulletin is available for Information purpose. This Bulletin includes Summary of Companies/LLPs registered or closed during the month as well as Counts of Companies/LLPs under different categories and their statuses. You can view the reports for latest six months by clicking on the link provided for respective months. Reports for earlier months can be accessed under Archived Reports.




· Annual Reports – The Annual Reports of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Annual reports on Working & Administration of the Companies Act is prepared in pursuance of the relevant provisions of the Companies Act. This report can be accessed from the for latest three years. Reports for earlier years may be accessed from the Archived Reports link.


· Corporate Growth – This reports displays the facts and figures that are indicative of the growth of corporate sector in India. You can select the month and year for which you want to see the report.


· Nidhi Companies – This reports include the following:

o  Reports on changes suggested by SABANAYAGAM COMMITTEE on policies and regulatory framework of Nidhi companies

o  REPORT OF EXPERT GROUP examining the representations on recommendation made by SABANAYAGAM committee


· MLM Companies – This report lists the companies for which complaints have been received alleging that the companies are doing MLM/chit fund activities.


· Vanishing Companies – This reports includes the following:

o  Region wise list of vanishing companies, their date of incorporation, Directors and amount raised by these companies.

o  A list that includes action taken against vanishing companies. The action includes:

Status of action initiated under Section 63/68and 628 of the Companies Act, 1956 for misstatement in the prospectus, fraudulently inducing persons to invest money and for false statement etc.

Status of FIR filed under Indian Penal Code (IPC)


· Other Reports – This reports displays statement of receipts and disbursements of MCA based on selection of a month and year.


· Monthly Summary of MCA – This reports displays the month-wise summary of the Council of Ministers.


· Monthly MCA News Letter


· Entities Incorporated/Registered – This reports displays the year-wise and month-wise details of:

o   Indian Companies or LLPs incorporated in India

o   Foreign Companies or Foreign LLPs having established a place of business

This report is available from November, 2013onwards.


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