After a user has made a NEFT payment from his/her banks website, the payment needs to be linked with the SRN. To link an NEFT payment with your SRN, perform the following steps.


1. Login to the MCA21 application.

2. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

3. Under the Fee and Payment Services, click the Link NEFT Payment menu. The Link NEFT Payment page appears.

4. Click the Download NEFT User Guide link. Save and read the guide carefully.

5. In the SRN field, enter the SRN of the transaction for which you want to make the payment.

6. In the Date of SRN field, enter the date on which the SRN was generated.

7. In the Amount of SRN field, enter the amount of the SRN to be paid.

8. In the Unique Transaction Number (UTN) field, enter the unique transaction number that you received when you made the payment at your banks website to MCA’s bank account.

9. In the User Account Number field, enter the account number from which you made the online payment.

10. Click the Submit button. The Transaction Receipt is generated.