To view the names of LLPs already registered, follow the steps given below:


1. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

2. Under the LLP Services, click the Check LLP Name menu. The Check LLP Name page is displayed.

3. In the Company or LLP Name field, enter the name to be searched. You can enter up to six names to be searched. To add another name, click the Add More Names button. A blank field is populated under the Company or LLP Name field. Enter a second name that you want to search. Similarly, you can add up to six names to be searched by using the Add More Names button functionality.

4. In the Activity Names field, enter the main business of the company or LLP to be searched. Some example of activities are agriculture, construction and consulting. Entering activity narrows the search results.

5. Click the Search button. The company/ LLP names are displayed with brief registration details.