You can request for scanning of some public documents that are not visible through view public document user service. After the request is placed, an MCA official scans the document available with MCA in paper form and uploads it in the MCA repository. Once the document is uploaded in the MCA repository, you can place a request to view the public document.


To place request for scanning of some public documents, follow the steps given below:


1. Login to the MCA21 application.

2. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

3. Click the On Demand scanning menu. The Request for Scanning of Documents page is displayed.

4. Based on whether you want to request for on demand scanning of documents of a company or LLP, click the respective link. The Request for Scanned Documents page is displayed with search criteria.

5. In the Company / LLP Name field, enter the company / LLP name.

6. In the Company LLPIN/FLLPIN field, enter the LLPIN/FLLPIN. Alternatively, follow the steps below:


a. Click the Search icon. The CIN/LLPIN Lookup page is displayed.

b. In the Company / LLP Name field, enter the company/LLPIN name.

c. Click the Search button.

d. From the displayed results, select the Company / LLP Name option.

e. Click the Select button. The Company CIN/FCRN field is populated with the company CIN/LLPIN.


7. In the Document Type drop-down list, select the relevant category.

8. In the Document description (for which on demand scanning request is being made) box, enter the description of the document to be scanned.

9. Click the Submit button. An acknowledgment message is displayed containing SRN, details of request, expected date by when the document shall be available in the view public documents (subject to approval by the concerned RoC).