You can view public document of an LLP on payment of a fee. To view public documents, follow the steps given below:


1. Login to the MCA21 application. When you login, select the LLP option.


Note: The View Public Documents service with payment options is available only after login. However, you can search for a company/LLP and view the list of documents available for companies/LLP before login.


2. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

3. Click the View Public Document menu. The View Public Document page is displayed.

4. Click the View Public Documents of LLP link. The View Public Document page is displayed with search criteria.

5. Enter the search criteria by selecting the relevant checkbox.


a) In the LLP Name field, enter the LLP name.

b) In the Company LLPIN/FLLPIN field, enter the LLPIN/FLLPIN.

c) Select the Country of Origin option. Select the India or Foreign option. India would be selected by default.

d) Select the state in which the company is registered in the State drop-down list.


6. Click the Submit button. Based on the search criteria, the list of LLPs matching the search criterion is displayed. The LLPIN/ FLLPIN is a hyperlink. In case you want to view the documents available for the searched company/ LLP, follow the steps given below:


a. Click the LLPIN/ FLLPIN hyperlink.

b. Choose the document type from under the Document Category dropdown list. The list of documents under the category are displayed.

c. Choose the corresponding year.

d. Click the submit button to proceed.


8. Click the Add this company to cart button. You can add more than one LLP to the cart.

9. Click the Pay Fee Now button. The Payment Options page is displayed.

10. Select the desired payment option making payment of Fee. Make the payment. An SRN is generated and displayed.


Note: Refer the Payment Services section to learn to make payment using this payment option.


View Documents after Payment


The viewing of public documents after payment of fees is available only after login. You can view the document only within 7 days after the payment has been confirmed. The documents are available for viewing only for 3 hours after you have started viewing the first document of company. To view public documents of a company for which payment has been made, follow the steps given below:


1. Login to the MCA21 application. When you login, select the LLP option.

2. Click the MY WORKSPACE tab. In the Documents section, you can view the name of the LLP whose document you wish to view. Notice, the Expiry Time & Date of the document is given. Remember, the document is available for viewing for one week in your Workspace. The document is available for three consecutive hours from the time, you start viewing it for the first time.

3. Click the DOWNLOAD button to view the document. In case you had requested to view multiple documents of the same LLP, the Category List page is displayed to select the category of document to be viewed.

4. Select the Category of document you want to view. The document details are displayed that include document name, document ID and year of filing the document.

5. Click the Document Name. The document is displayed.