To view details about a company or an LLP, follow the steps given below:


1. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

2. Under the Master Data Services, click the View Company or LLP Master Data menu. The Company/LLP Master Data page is displayed.

3. In the CIN/FCRN /LLPIN/FLLPIN field, enter the CIN/FCRN of the company or the LLPIN/FLLPIN number of the LLP.


Alternatively, follow the steps given below:


a. In the Company / LLP Namefield, type the name of the company or the LLP to be searched.

b. Click the Search button.

c. From the search results, select the Company / LLP Name option.

d. Click the Select button. The company name and CIN/FCRN /LLPIN/FLLPIN fields is populated.


4. Click the Submit button. The Company/LLP Master Details page is displayed with details of the company/ LLP along with charge details and Director/Signatory details.

5. Click the DIN link .The Director master data for the selected Director/designated partner is displayed.

6. Click the Export to Excel button to save the master details in an xls file on your computer. The File Download box is displayed.

7. Click the Save button to save the xls in your computer.