MCA has issued a circular whereby Income tax PAN has been made mandatory for all the Indian Directors. All existing Directors are expected to provide their Income tax details or to update their details as per Income tax PAN Database in case the same are not matching in the DIN database. This facility is provided to the user to verify the details of Director as per DIN database with PAN database. This facility shall be available to all public users without need to login to the MCA21 application.


To verify the PAN details for a Director with a valid DIN, follow the steps given below:


1. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

2. Under the DIN Services, click the Verify DIN PAN Details of Director menu. The Verify DIN/DPIN-PAN Details of Director/Designated Partner page is displayed.

3. In the DIN/ DPIN field, enter the DIN of the Indian Director or the DPIN of the Indian designated partner.

4. Click the Submit button. The Details of Director/Designated Partner (Director's/Designated Partner's Name, Father's Name and Date of Birth) as per DIN/DPIN database appear.

5. In the Income-tax permanent account number field, enter PAN of Director or the designated partner.

6. Click the Submit button. Any one of the following messages is displayed.


In case no Income tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) exist against the entered DIN in the DIN database, user shall be displayed an error message- “Income tax PAN does not exist in the DIN database in respect of the DIN entered. Please file Form DIR- 6 and update the Income tax PAN details. In case Form DIR- 6 has already been filed, kindly wait till the same is Approved


If entered PAN does not belong to the entered DIN as per DIN database then following error message shall be displayed to the user. “The Income tax PAN entered does not match with the Income tax PAN existing in respect of the DIN/DPIN as per MCA database”.


If entered PAN belongs to the entered DIN as per DIN database, then the DIN details (i.e. Name (in any order), Father’s name (in any order) and date of birth shall be verified from the PAN database.


a. In case the DIN details are matching with PAN database, user shall be shown the following confirmation message: “DIN details are matching with the Income tax PAN database.”

b. In case the DIN details are not matching with PAN database, user shall be shown the details as per PAN database. Only those fields shall be displayed which are not matching with the PAN database.