To upload a filled eForm, follow the steps below:


1. Login to the MCA21 application.

2. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

3. Under e-filing, click the Upload eForms menu. The Upload eForms page is displayed.

4. Click the eForm Upload button/link. The eForm Filing page is displayed.

5. Click on normal filing or resubmission SRN as the case may be.

6. Browse the eForm to be upload and click on Upload button.

7. You can browse upload 10 multiple files in case of linked filing option by selecting “Add more eForms” button

8. The pre scrutiny checks happens and after successful upload the SRN of the uploaded eForm will be displayed to the user.

9. The user will have an option to either make a payment soon after form upload or later.

10. Click thee Pay Fee button. The fee details screen will be displayed.

11. The Payment Options page is displayed.

12. Select the desired payment option making payment of Fee. Make the payment. SRN is generated and displayed.


Note: Refer the Payment Services section to learn to make payment using this payment options.


13. After you make the payment, a transaction receipt/acknowledgment is generated.