You can track the status of a service related complaint filed without logging into the system. Following is the list of complaint statuses:


Under process

Waiting for information (i.e. Waiting for response from Complainant)

Forwarded (Forwarded to Other Departments)





To track a service related complaint, follow the steps given below:


1. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA services is displayed.

2. Under the Complaints section, click the Track Service Related Complaint menu. The Select Your Request Type page is displayed. This page has following four options:


o   Status of Ticket – allows you to check the status of your ticket

o   Update Ticket – allows you to provide additional inputs to your ticket

o   Reopen Ticket – allows you to open a closed ticket

o   Close Ticket – allows you to close a ticket


3.  Click the Status of Ticket link. The Enter Ticket Number page is displayed.

4. In the Enter Ticket Number field, enter the ticket number.

5. In Email Id field, enters the Email Id and click the Submit button. The Status of Ticket Page is displayed. The page contains details of the ticket along with solution provided by helpdesk.