You can search for unclaimed/unpaid amount of an investor on the MCA portal. To search unclaimed/unpaid amount of an investor, follow the steps given below:


1. Access the MCA21 application.

2. Under the MCA Services tab, click the Investor Services menu. The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) page is displayed.



3. Click the Search Unclaimed/Unpaid Amount link. The search for Investor Wise Unclaimed and Unpaid Amounts page is displayed.

4. In the Investor Name field, enter the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name of the investor.

5. In the Father/Husband Name field, enter the name of father or husband as mentioned in the company with which investment is made.

6. In the Folio Number field, enter the folio number as given in the share certificate.

7. In the DP id-Client Id-Account Number field, enter the DP id-Client id-Account number without any spaces and in the format: DP id-Client id-Account number with each number separated by hyphens.


Note: You can search using any of the following combinations:

Investor Name and Father/Husband name

Folio Number (should be same as per certificate)


8. Click the Search button. The search results are displayed.

9. In the search results, under the Investor Name column, click the Investor Name. The investor details are displayed.



10. In the search results, under the S.No column, select the checkbox of the investor and click the Submit button.



11. The unclaimed and unpaid amount of the investor are displayed. You view the details.