1. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

2.  Under the Complaints section, click the Feedback / Suggestions menu. The Register Your Suggestion page is displayed.

3. In the Name of Person field, enter your name.

4. In the City field, enter your city name.

5. In the Country field, enter your country of residence.

6. In the Mobile Number field, enter your mobile number.

7.  In the Email Id field, enter your Email Id. In the Type field, the value Suggestion is populated by default.

8. In the Category drop-down list, select the relevant category for which you want to give feedback.

9. If you are an MCA employee, in the For MCA Offices drop-down list, select your office type.

10. In the Suggestions field, enter the feedback.

11. Click the Submit button. A confirmation message to confirm the details entered is displayed.

12. Click the OK button to proceed. Ticket details along with ticket number are displayed. In addition, an e mail and SMS is sent to user on email id and mobile number mentioned in the Register Your Suggestion page.