You can file a service related complaint if you are facing technical issues in using any of the MCA services offered at Some examples are, you are unable to attach a DSC on an eForm or you are not able to upload an eForm. To create a service related complaint, follow the steps given below:


1. Click the MCA Services tab. The list of MCA Services is displayed.

2. Under the Complaints section, click the Create Service Related Complaint menu. The Register Your Complaints/Query/Suggestion page is displayed.

3. In the Name of Person field, enter your name.

4. In the City field, enter your city.

5. In the Country field, enter your country.

6. In the Mobile Number field, enter your mobile phone number.

7. In the Email Id field, enter your email id.

8. In the Type drop-down list, select the relevant option.

9. In the Category drop-down list, select the relevant option based on the problem faced. Based on the option selected in the Category drop-down list, the options in the Sub Category drop-down list is populated.

10. In the Sub Category drop-down list, select the relevant option based on the problem faced.

11. In the Severity drop-down list, select the relevant option from High, Medium and Low option.

12. If you are an MCA employee, in the For MCA Offices drop-down list, select your office type.

13. In the Description of Problem box, enter the description of problem. Detailed description will help the technical team resolve the issue more effectively.

14. In the Company Name filed, enter your company name.

15. In the CIN filed, enter your CIN of your company, if the problem is related to a company filing or service.

16. In case you are facing a technical issue when filing any eForm dealing with DIN processing, in the DIN field, enter the DIN.

17. In case category of complaint is eFiling, enter the SRN generated in the SRN field.

18. In the Date field, enter the date of SRN generated.

19. In the FORM ID drop-down list, enter the Form Number of the eForm filed or for which you are facing issues.

20. In the Size of eForm (In MB) field, enter the size of eForm that you are trying to upload.

21. The Logged Date & Time field is populated with current system date and time.

22. Click the Submit button. A confirmation message to confirm the details entered is displayed.

23. Click OK to proceed. Ticket details along with ticket number are displayed. In addition, an e mail is sent to user on email id and mobile number mentioned in the complaint screen.